Georgia Tournai has never had a problem standing out and being who she is, and has made it her mission in this industry to show others through her craft that they, too, can be completely comfortable in their own skin and own it. To Georgia, it doesn't matter how we define ourselves - just as long as we are ourselves.

As the self-proclaimed clipper cut and color art enthusiast, Georgia has made a plethora of accomplishments in her short seven years in the industry. In 2013, she took ownership of City Barber Shop, a 90+ year old shop in the area that specializes in cuts, colors, shaves, and waxing services. She was runner-up in 2014 for RAW: Denver's Hairstylist of the Year and made various appearances since. In 2015 she became an Andis Clipper Ace Finalist, getting the opportunity to represent the Andis Clipper Company brand both during that competition and thereafter as a guest educator for Andis Company for PBA’s ISSE and IBS Hair Shows. Georgia has also been involved in various hair and runways shows providing looks for men and women alike and most recently has worked alongside Charlie Price and his Beauty Underground Team for a multitude of Denver’s Fashion Weeks as well as New York Fashion Week in the fall of 2017. Georgia and Kelcie Ball, a Joico educator and fellow business owner, recently took on a new business venture, called REVEL COLLECTIVE ARTISTS, where they educate and inspire other artists within the industry. Georgia also looks forward to other exciting projects, including film and New York Fashion Week in the fall of 2018. 

Georgia specializes in everything cut and color, with special emphasis on clipper cutting techniques and fashion colors, on both men and women. To say she's passionate about this industry would be an understatement, and she's always looking for more opportunities to excel and thrive, as well as ways to network and work with like-minded individuals. Georgia is available for educational opportunities, guest speaking, special events, and behind the chair. Contact her today!





906 Edison Street
Brush, CO 80723


+1 970 405 5487